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A fine piece of art. It show the character's feelings of sorrow so well. Chara’s tragic past and uncertain future ( it is determined by...

Marvelous simply marvelous. This piece of concept art is one of a kind, until DFang makes anther. I believe i should do more Critiques ...

This is a great peace. Love Your work as Always! I a happy you brought Twisted Tails back this series is what first introduced me to Da...

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Chara's Angry Echo
Chara’s Angry Echo
The clock stopped ticking, forever ago,
how long have I been dead? I don't know
You can't get a grip cuz you don't wanna let go,
the opinion that Frisk is a goody-two shoes angel
Why can't you see,
why can't you see,
all the murder,
that Frisk did?
Please can you try,
please can you try,
seeing with,
broader sight?
What the hell’s going on?!
can someone tell me please,
Why I’m being blamed
For the shit Frisk did
I’m black, and they’re white,
No something isn’t right!
The enemy’s invisible
Because you’re friggin blind
The boiling anger, is more than I can handle
When I’m up against,
The blindness of this fandom….
ANGRY ECHOooooo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o
I’m gonna punch Frisk’s face in,            
Into a black-eyed mess,                    
I’m gonna do it right now,    
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Assorted Chibis - Supers and Amazon by Dragon-FangX Assorted Chibis - Supers and Amazon :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 67 19
Undertale OC Template (Read Desc)





Species/What Are They:

Soul (Color):









Fighting Style:


Friends With:

Neutral With:

Enemies With:



Single, Taken, Or Talking (If the last two, with who):


Personality Towards Humans:

Personality Towards Strangers:

Personality Towards Friends:







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A Fathers love by Elvinkin66 A Fathers love :iconelvinkin66:Elvinkin66 1 10 Evil Frisk Skeches by Elvinkin66 Evil Frisk Skeches :iconelvinkin66:Elvinkin66 3 8 Inatarsh Family portred by Elvinkin66 Inatarsh Family portred :iconelvinkin66:Elvinkin66 4 9
Asundertale pt 2: Consequences
Chapter two: Consequences
    So it was after all the destruction that Frisk the egth fallin human swore never to again take a life, and the did not.  The whent back again through the underground sparing every monster they encountered,  even the guard captain Undyne whose hatred of the human race burned like flame.  Eventually after many trials the child succeeded only to fight the fallin prince Asriel. Through absorbing most of the souls in the Underground he became exceptionally powerful. But With great determination and help from his sibling the child stopped Asriel.  
Now once again benevolent on the  with his almost godlike power attacked the barrier blasting with the force of a hundred  mages( School graduates not masters
And so the barrier was destroyed ! it’s destruction was felt across the universe.
    In the Halls of the Council many began to argue what to do about this.
:iconelvinkin66:Elvinkin66 1 6
Asundertale Pervew Chara Vs Frisk by Elvinkin66 Asundertale Pervew Chara Vs Frisk :iconelvinkin66:Elvinkin66 1 5 Lady S and Lord F by Elvinkin66 Lady S and Lord F :iconelvinkin66:Elvinkin66 1 14 Jay Herah (2017) by Elvinkin66 Jay Herah (2017) :iconelvinkin66:Elvinkin66 2 6 Chara Amell by Elvinkin66 Chara Amell :iconelvinkin66:Elvinkin66 3 15
Asundertale pt 1: Misconseptions
      I the great Olo Terraglyth do not understand how skewed history has become.  Just look at the tale of the fall of the Barrier at Ebot . You say that Frisk was a perfect saint who single handedly spared all monsters they encountered and destroyed the barrier, and that Chara the first fallin human was a demon who cased only death and destruction. I mean I met the kid, I mean they were actually a quite nice kid.  You know what you need to hear the whole story.
    I will start at the lowest point , when  king Asgore had died.  Frisk was covered from head to toe in dust. Not a tear they shed as the moved through the underground killing all as they when...they same could not be said for their companion Chara  who  slowly lost their mind. The ghost just stood their staring as the dust that was once their father .  Even though corrupted and mad this still hurt them .  At that
:iconelvinkin66:Elvinkin66 4 16
Causes of The Mage-Templar Conflict
The Mage Templar conflict, also known as the Mage Rebellion was a war many saw coming, but no one was truly prepared for. It was fought between the rebel mages and their former gardens the Templar order. This conflict has caused much discord in the Andrastian Chantry.
The Prophet Andraste proclaimed that “Magic exists to serve man never to rule over them” Thus were the circles of Magi born.   Relationships  between the circle mages and the Chantry have been rocky at time once the divine almost declared a crusade against her own Cathedral to stop some rebel mages.  Other then that it has been rather peaceful, with the main fear of mageis is their harrowing or the Rite of Tranquility which cuts off one's magic but also takes away the subject emoticon.    The magis had some power in the College of Enchanters, but they were separated into five Fraternities. The Lolest were loyal to the Chantry and Templars and wished nothing to change, The
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Dos Chara Dreamer have Asperger's syndrome!
Chara Dremuur  is a kid with little know about them. A child who fell down a mountain to escape humanity only to be raised by (surprise kindly) monsters. Many people think they are evil, but that is not the case. Many people think the are a Sociopath but that is not the case ether. In fact they show symptoms of something entirely different  for they show signs of Asperger’s syndrome a condition on the Autism spectrum.  
Asperger’s syndrome is a type of autism that many  such as Author Isaac Asimov,  the scientist Nikola Tesla, and cartoonist Charles Schulz, as well as a certain handsome writer of fantasy.   It is on the higher functioning side of the spectrum,
Now to compare a list of symptoms with behaves shown by CHara, note that a lot of this is based on the idea that Chara is Undertale’s Narrator(NarraChara)  . These are not all the symptoms but you only need 10 of them to be diagnosed with the syndrome.
Preoccupation with a
:iconelvinkin66:Elvinkin66 11 66
Letters-from-Senfir Part Two
Dear Mr. Andrew Joyce.
    I regret to inform you that your daughter has left the country, and will probably never return. She was last seen at the docks with a Master Frank Tethras and took a ship to the free boros . This may be due to your less than pleasant attitude and for that you have my begrudged sympathy. Perhaps I am being too hard on you for you have already lost so much, but you drove her away. I hope she has a good life.
Good day to you,
Tyberius Innatarsh
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Machi Elder dragon of Mistul by Elvinkin66 Machi Elder dragon of Mistul :iconelvinkin66:Elvinkin66 1 2 Paul Miller and Ren Omaga Gift for PMiller1 by Elvinkin66 Paul Miller and Ren Omaga Gift for PMiller1 :iconelvinkin66:Elvinkin66 1 1 The Kngdom of Samta by Elvinkin66 The Kngdom of Samta :iconelvinkin66:Elvinkin66 0 2 Anselm Yeagar Charaicter profile by Elvinkin66 Anselm Yeagar Charaicter profile :iconelvinkin66:Elvinkin66 1 14


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
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Stamp. by Trynnie Original Characters Stamp by Stamp221

Asperger's Is A Gift by MOJAL I speak Elvish stamp by purgatori


17 deviations
I have been working for one year...

Honestly I did not think I would make it this long
A Fathers love
Happy (Vary late) Fathers Day! 

Here is a picture of the two best Video game dads Gerion Alexius(From Dragon age: Inquisition) and Asgore Dreemurr .

They both do so much for their children both times coming at odds with the game's protagonist.

they aslo care for people that are not their own (Doren and Chara)

Made with DeviantArt muro (Wile liseining to their respective themes)……
Undertale Charicter using voice acters from Dragon age!

Frisk(Feminine)Grey DeLisle
Frisk(Masculine)Adam Howden, Dagbani Anders
Chara(Feminine)Corinne Kempa
Chara(Masculine):James Norton  Because Cole!
Flowey/Asriel:Alec Newman
Toriel: Susan Boyd, Wynne,AKA Camp mom. And the team healer in Origens.  
Napstabloke: Ramon Tikaram
Sans:Steve Blum, "Most Prolific Voice Actor in Video Games."  
Papyrus:Steve Valentine , the guy who plays Alastar  
Undyne:Miranda Raison, Play Dragon age two
Mad Dummy: Robyn Addison Sara was never an agreeable girl….
Alphys:Eve Myles, okword mage= Okword Scientist  
Mettaton: Jon Curry
Muffet: Natalia Cigliuti
Asgore:David Schofield, he played Alexius a man who did so much to save his son
  • Listening to: Celtic music
  • Reading: Undertale Chomics
  • Watching: Avatar the Last Air Bender
  • Playing: Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Eating: Chocloet
  • Drinking: Cola


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